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Personal Branding Across Cultures

How does Personal Branding “translate” around the globe in other cultures?

Culture, Creativity and Communication: Developing Innovative Value through Differentiation

Whether it comes to branding your products and services, it’s inherently important to separate yourself from the competition in a creative and unique way. In fact, differentiation is the key to success, but when combined with a fun and enjoyable experience it underscores what the Blue Ocean Strategy is all about: innovative value.

The aforementioned concept is especially relevant in the global business community, where developing innovative value through differentiation is a make-or-break strategy for immigrants branding their products and services to diverse cultures and ethnicities. An outstanding example of this can be found in the story of Joel Orbina Laguidao, a Clarendon, VA-based cabdriver who emigrated to the United States from the Philippines.

Laguidao believed that something as simple as providing transportation can create an entirely new experience for consumers, and had to look no further than his own culture to add something unique to the service he offers. Laguidao knew that he and his fellow Filipinos love karaoke, or singing to pre-recorded background music, so he decided to install a karaoke machine in his cab. On the October 10th segment of the Today show, Laguidao was filmed driving people around Arlington, VA in his cab with fares who were singing karaoke (albeit off-tune), and enjoying themselves immensely in the process.

Laguidao’s ability to transform a typical, mundane cab-ride into an innovative and original experience without spending a small fortune is proof-positive that you can apply unique ways to attract new customers. By pursuing differentiation and affordability simultaneously, you can also create considerable barriers to imitation by competitors. Just like going for a ride in Laguidao’s cab, that is truly something to sing about!

Riccardo Proetto e Silvia Pistolesi

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